The first tournament of the Hacka Global in Islamic Azad University

26 May 2015 | 14:21 Code : 906 Event
The first tournament of the Hacka Global students of Islamic Azad University
The first tournament of the Hacka Global  students of Islamic Azad University
According to Ana Public Relations Islamic Azad University, by the Department of Research and Technology of Arak first  Hacka Global students  along with the 5 major cities of Iran and the presence of teams the central province of Arak Islamic Azad University, Arak University The message light Arak Islamic Azad University Islamic Azad University of Khomeini Tafresh and in 6 minutes, 6 members of Arak was organized and hosted.
According to the report, Ali Department of research and technology needs of Arak said the  Hacka Global programming an international campaign for synergy and networking among the development community in the world, which has been held in several cities around the world.
Deputy of Research and Technology of Arak said very active community of developers in the world, and share knowledge with each other will be the development of community programming. The situation is different in a lot of activities together and programmers have no coding are engaged in their own room.