Markazi Province


Markazi Province is nearly in the center of Iran. The province borders with Tehran and Ghazvin Provinces northwards, Hamedan Province eastwards, Lorestan and Isfahan Provinces southwards, and Tehran, Qom and Isfahan Provinces eastwards. Markazi Province has 29,126 square kilometers area; it has 12 districts, 32 cities and towns, 66 sub-districts, and 1,394 villages. Markazi Province is considered as the industrial capital of Iran. Markazi Province has always been one of the reliable centers of spreading science, knowledge, and culture. Markazi province, regarding cultural and religious aspects, is one of the main centers for the cultivation of intellectuals, poets, mystics, politicians and scholars of Shiite religion, so that countless scholars, scientists, poets, and politicians of this land are introduced to the scientific, literary, cultural, and political society of Iran and the world.

Markazi Province, Islamic Republic of Iran



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Last Update At : 26 December 2018