Islamic Azad University Arak branch main campus

Our Mission

The most important role and mission of universities around the world, which is always considered as the main criterion for the growth and advancement of societies, is the spread of knowledge, awareness, raising the level of community culture and breaking the boundaries of knowledge. In this regard, the specialist human resources and the foundation for scientific research and technological research are considered in the direction of sustainable and comprehensive development. Additionally, human development is considered to be a precondition for inclusive development. Islamic Azad University, which is one of the most valuable fruits of the Islamic Revolution of Iran, was established in 1981 and subsequently Islamic Azad University of Arak was established on January 19, 1983, in view of the need of Markazi Province and the city of Arak for the establishment of a higher education institution and training of human resources.

Our History

This university has officially launched its official scientific activity since October 1984 with 610 students enrolled in the national examination in 10 fields of study including civil engineering, electrical engineering, textile engineering, mechanical engineering, agricultural engineering, Persian language and literature, Islamic sciences, industrial management, English literature. The educational and scientific activities of the departments have been commenced in an educational building in the city.

Islamic Azad University of Arak has rapidly expanded its development process. Since April 1985, the construction of the central building of the university in the northeast of Arak city has begun in an area of ​​34,350 square meters, which is now referred to as the " Gha'mmaghamam Farahani Educational Complex ".

Islamic Azad univeristy arak branch Ghaem-Magham-e-Farahani Complex

Islamic Azad University of Arak is currently with a comprehensive ranking (**) - more than 33 years of scientific, educational, cultural and research activity, with 10660 students - 232 fields of study, 49 fields in Ph.D, 88 discipline in MA/MSc, 75 disciplines in BA/BSc, 20 disciplines in Associate Diploma.


Our Governance Structure 

Chancellor's governance and management domain has seven deputies, including Deputy of Administrative and Financial Affairs, Deputy of Science (education and research), Deputy of Medical Sciences, Deputy of Student and Cultural Affairs, Deputy of Planning and Knowledge-based Economy, Deputy of Skill-based and short term educations (Sama), and Deputy of Construction and Development at the university. There are 4 educational affiliate centers; Khondab, Mohajeran, Shazand and Astane.

Five approved faculties including the Faculty of Engineering and agricultural, the Faculty of Humanities, the Faculty of Management, the Faculty of Sciences, and the Faculty of Medical Sciences carry out their activities at two separate sites called Amir Kabir University campus and Ghaemmagham Farahani Educational Complex in 120,000 square meters of educational space. There are 307 full-time faculty members in different educational departments at the university. It is worth mentioning that there are more than 70,000 graduates.


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