Faculty of Engineering and agriculture


Faculty of Engineering was founded in 1985, to train Specialized and experienced manpower in engineering majors. The main goal of department is increasing technical and executive power of Iran’s engineering framework, beside production of knowledge for our country’s self-sufficiency.

faculty of Engineering, IAU-Arak

Possessing 3500 square meters of education spaces, 64 full- time faculty members, and many part-time invited professors with 31 experienced staffs, Faculty of Engineering is training 6700 students in different levels of undergraduate, and post-graduate programs. At 2018, Faulty of agriculture was merged to faculty of engineering which made the Faculty of Engineeing and agriculture to be the biggest Faculty of I.A.U. of Arak.

Faculty of Engineering and agriculture has 8 engineering and 2 agricultural departments including:

Faculty of Engineering and agriculture owes two journals, named Scientific and Research Journal of Textile Technology and Solid Mechanics and six different active Societies of Educational Engineering groups such as: Electrical Engineering, Architectural Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Robotics and Computer Engineering, which are managed under Superposition of the faculty members.

Dr. Mohammad Bagher Tavakoli is Dean of Faculty of Engineering, Islamic Azad university Arak BranchThe dean of faculty of Engineering and Agriculture is Dr. Mohammad Bagher Tavakoli, Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering.


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