Faculty of Management


Since 1985, the faculty has been initially set up under the name of the Faculty of Economics and the Administrative sciences regarding related fields of study, Business Economics, Industrial Management, Business, and Accounting in BA. Then, the majors in economics and business administration in economics fields were added for undergraduate and postgraduate students. Also, since 2002, the fields of industrial management, governmental management and accounting at MA have been added to the total number of fields.

Since 2005, the faculty has continued its activity as a new head of the Faculty of Management. During this time, Banking and Accounting as the undergraduate fields of study; Executive Management, Business Management and Governmental Management (MA), as well as economics (Ph.D.) as the postgraduate fields of study were added to the faculty.

Faculty of management, IAU-Arak

At the same time as the expansion of disciplines and the increase in the number of students since 1999, the process of recruiting full-time and part-time faculty members expanded so that at present, this faculty has 25 disciplines in different degrees, with approximately 2158 students, 25 classrooms, 2 computer workshops 1 amphitheater, 1 meeting room, 29 full-time faculty members to carry out the duties and activities.

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