Department of Electrical Engineering


The Department of Electrical Engineering of the Islamic Azad University of Arak’s activities started in 1985 along with the establishment of this industrial university, with 21 students who were enrolled in undergraduate programs. Over 33 years of activities and elaborated efforts in attraction of highly qualified faculty members, efficient students with so many educational laboratories facilities, Electrical Engineering Department has graduated engineers in different levels of undergraduate and graduate who have achieved in significant job positions in electrical industries in Iran.

The Department of Electrical Engineering has honored for teaching and training of over one thousand engineers in undergraduate and graduate levels who are proudly engaged in industrial and academic centers in Arak and all over the country. Currently, the Department of Electrical Engineering includes 8 full-time faculty members, 1 staff, and more than 270 Iranian and foreign students of whom 123 are undergraduate (B.Sc.), 91 M.Sc., and 59 Ph.D. students.

The Department of Electrical Engineering offers three programs:

  1. Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) including: Electrical Engineering major.
  2. Master of Science( M.Sc.) including:  Micro and Nano Chips , Electronic Integrated Circuit, Power electronics and electrics machines ,Power systems majors.
  3. Doctor of Philosophy( Ph.D.) including:   Electronics , Power and Communication major

Dr. Mohammad Bagher Tavakoli is the head of department of Electrical Engineering, faculty of engineering, Islamic Azad University Arak BranchDr. Mohammad- Bahger Tavakoli, Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering is the Head of the Department.




The department has 8  permanent faculty members and multiple temperory lecturers who privide the best quality of reseach and teaching to under graduate and post graduate students.The faculty members of the department of Electrical Engineering are as follows:

  1. Amir-Hossein Salemi, Assistant Professor,
  2. Mohammad-Bahger Tavakoli, Assistant Professor,
  3. Sajjad Bagheri, Assistant ProfessorD,
  4. Ashkan Horri, Assistant Professor, 
  5. Behroz Heydari, Lecturer,
  6. Abbas Hossein-Abadi, Lecturer, 
  7. Abolfazl Molaee-Nejad, Lecturer,
  8. Alireza Khorasani, Lecturer.


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