Department of Architecture Engineering


The Department of Architecture Engineering has honored for teaching and training of over thousands of engineers in undergraduate and graduate levels who are proudly engaged in industrial and academic centers in Arak and all over the country. Currently, the Department of Architecture Engineering includes 2 full-time faculty members, 1 staff, and more than 490 Iranian and foreign students of whom 313 are undergraduate (B.Sc.), 144 M.Sc. and 38 Ph.D. students.

Area of Undergraduate and Graduate Study

Department of Architecture Engineering provides bachelor, MSc and PhD programs .

Bachelor degree is provided in 2 main study fields including: 

  • Architecture Engineering
  • Architecture Technology Engineering

Master degree and PhD degree is provided in 2 main fields including: 

  • Architecture Engineering,
  • Metropolian Planning.

Faculty Members of Department of Architecture Engineering

Head of the Department of Architecture Engineering is Dr. Saeid Salehi, Ph.D. in A. E. 

  1. Marjan Khan-mohammadi,  Assistant Professor,
  2. Saeid Salehi,  Assistant Professor. 


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Last Update At : 31 December 2018