Deputy of Skill-based and short-term educations (SAMA)


In 1989, education faced with restrictions on the development of educational space. By Mr. Dr. Abdollah Jasbi, Head of the Department of Islamic Azad University, a comprehensive plan for the development of non-profit schools in the country was presented.

Subsequently, according to the advice of the then President of Ayatollah Hashemi Rafsanjani and the head of the board of trustees of Islamic Azad University, the activities of the Sama organization were formed. In 1992, the head of the Islamic Azad University developed Sama schools and the attention of the authorities to the Islamic and scientific education of students as one of the axes of the university movement.

The statute of the organization, approved by the Board of Trustees of the Islamic Azad University, established its activities in the courses of general education and vocational qualification as the work of this organization. Now, after 18 years of the establishment of the Sama organization, the organization operates with approximately 50,000 students in 95 small and large cities, all of which have a well-equipped educational level and economically They are almost self-sufficient. There has also been significant work on the development of technical and vocational qualifications in the field over the past few years.

Organization and activities of Sama Organization:

Sama Organization has six areas of educational and research, coordination, cultural, development, support, affairs of Sama schools and schools in Tehran, as well as directors and offices, public relations, legal and handling of complaints, security and auditing.

Sama Educational Center - Arak

Sama Arak Educational Technical and Vocational Training Complex was established with the aim of supporting technical and vocational graduates and the possibility of continuing their education due to the lack of admission of state-run educational institutions as a training unit in 1999, and since October of the same year, with admission Approximately 1,700 students at the undergraduate level in accounting, electronics, physical education, chemical industry, building, textile, computer, agronomy and gardening and childcare have begun. Following the approval of automotive, plant, metal industries, general drawing, manufacturing, electro technical, architectural and graphic arts, steps were taken to expand the Sama Educational and Cultural Center and, as a result, this educational and cultural center An independent center is in operation.

This educational and cultural center is currently operating with 1826 students in both undergraduate and graduate degrees with 35 disciplines.

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Dr. Abbas Karimi is deputy of Skill-based and short-term educations (SAMA)of Islamic Azad University Arak BranchDr. Abbas Karimi, PhD., is the Deputy of Skill-based and short-term educations (SAMA) of IAU-ARAK. 





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