General rules

The general rules for admission at the Islamic Azad University are as follows:

  • Valid Diploma for those seeking to enter two year college courses and  Bachelors degree programs

  • Valid Bachelors degree for those seeking to enter Master’s programs

  • Valid Master’s degree or students currently finalizing  their Master’s degree for those seeking to enter PhD program

  • For Iranian male citizens, applicants should not be legally prevented continuing their studies, if they have not (yet) had done their military service

  • Must be Muslim or one of the accepted religions  as per the Iranian Constitution Respecting the pillars of the Islamic Republic of Iran

  • Having moral decency

  • Having physical capabilities matching the course  they seek to study

Note: There are no age limitations for studying at the Islamic Azad University

Fields of Study

English language is the official educational medium for foreign students. 

You can find the fields of study provided by IAU-ARAK in the link below: 

Fields of Study

Tuition Fee

Tuition fee depends on field of study and program.

For more informaion regarding the tuition fee, click here!

Visa Application 

In order to study as a foreign student with IAU-ARAK University, you are required to follow the Guideline as follows.

Student VISA application guideline


Please be informed that you are required to get the Class E Visa from embassy of IRAN in your country and remain in IRAN for Maximum 30 days for getting student visa.

PLEASE >>>> Do not enter IRAN until getting invitation letter and VISA type “E” .



Online Submission: Click Here!

Email Submission: Please fill up the registration form

1. Scan of your passport

2. Scan of front page and back page (verified by embassy of Iran in your country) of BSc certificate and MSc certificate (for PhD program)

3. Scan of applicant's photo.

Note: Do not use phone camera. Please use scanner and choose Jpeg file format.

Send your documents and registration form by email to


Accomodation for foreign students is possible inside and outside university.

For more inforamation, click here!


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Last Update At : 08 July 2019