Tuition Fee


Tuition Fee will be determined each year by main office in Tehran.

It is divided to two parts: Constasnt Tuition Fee and Variable Tuition Fee. 

Constant tuition fee won't change during study. 

Variable tuition fee will be determined at the begining of each year (September) by head quarter in Tehran. 

For 2018-2019 new students, the tution fees (in IRR) according to their fields are about:

Fields/ِDegree BsC (4 years) MsC (2 years) PhD (4 years)
Engineering and Agriculture 170,000,000 200,000,000 1,130,000,000
Science (Basic and Applied) 160,000,000 200,000,000 1,130,000,000
Management 140,000,000 190,000,000 940,000,000
Social Sciences and Humanities 140,000,000 190,000,000 940,000,000




Last Update At : 11 September 2019