Dr. Hossein Kalantari Khlilabad , PhD, Urban planning, is the 9th chancellor of IAU-Arak. 

Chancellor's governance and management domain has seven deputies, including Deputy of Administrative and Financial Affairs, Deputy of Science (education and research), Deputy of Medical Sciences, Deputy of Student and Cultural Affairs, Deputy of Planning and Knowledge-based Economy, Deputy of Skill-based and short term educations (Sama), and Deputy of Construction and Development at the university. There are 4 educational affiliate centers; Khondab, Mohajeran, Shazand and Astane.

Five approved faculties including the Faculty of Engineering and agricultural, the Faculty of Humanities, the Faculty of Management, the Faculty of Sciences, and the Faculty of Medical Sciences carry out their activities at two separate sites called Amir Kabir University campus and Ghaemmagham Farahani Educational Complex in 120,000 square meters of educational space. There are 307 full-time faculty members in different educational departments at the university. It is worth mentioning that there are more than 70,000 graduates.

Last Update At : 18 September 2019