The missions of department of accommodation services includes all the issues of management, supervision, coordination and settlement of non-resident students of Islamic Azad University of Arak and contributes to the growth of students' ideological, intellectual, scientific, personal and academic achievement in line with the university ideals. The most important tasks of this department are summarized as below:

  • Planning and resettlement of all female college students in university student dormitories
  • Planning to reside non-resident male students of Islamic Azad University of Arak in private or university dormitories
  • Supervision of private residences licensed by the Industry and trade Organizations to meet the standards of student dormitories
  • Collaboration with the student dormitory committee of the Markazi province
  • Organizing religious ceremonies in student dormitories
  • Conducting a graceful ritual for communal prayers
  • Providing  counseling services in all student dormitories
  • Providing web services and internet access
  • Providing sports services with modern and equipped sports facilities
  • Equipped hostels with CCTV and gas leak warning system to enhance the safety and security


The Department of Dormitories of Islamic Azad University of Arak accommodate the students of four dormitories (Hafezieh 1 with a capacity of 218 people, Roozbeh 1 with a capacity of 320 people, and Roozbeh 3 with a capacity of 36 and inspiration with a capacity of 80 people) and a male dormitory known as Hafezieh   2, with a capacity of 32, which accommodates non-resident students.


How to distribute students in dormitories 

Due to the numerous students' requests for accommodation in dormitories, university divided the dormitories for each degree, by accommodating undergraduate students at Roozbeh 1, senior level in Hafezieh and Ph.D. in Roozbeh 3 and the rest undergraduate and senior students in the Elham Dorm.



Each dorm is individually equipped with amenities such as counseling center, study halls, computer center and, sports center. Prayer room of each dormitory is a good place to hold prayers at noon, afternoon, and evening, and also educational classes, and cultural programs.

Note that Universities have no obligations and responsibilities in non-residential dormitories that are under the supervision of a university.


Temporary accommodation inside university is also provided in Amir-Kabir complex and in Ghaem-Magham-Farahni complex, for international students only.

Otherwise, students traveling to Arak may choose and stay in any of the hotels in the city according to their circumstances. Major hotels in ARAK city are including:


Hotel Amir Kabir is located on the city entrance for travelers coming from Tehran to the Markazi province. In addition to being a hotel, it is considered as the resort and tourist complex of Markazi province. If necessary, passengers can Call 08633124061.


The Zagros Hotel is located in the center of Arak. By reaching Shahid Ghodoosi Blvd, from Shahid Shiroudi Street, travelers can view the hotel building. Call 08632212222 for information.


Payam hotel is located in Jihad Street, Phase 1 of Shahid Beheshti Street. Phone number 08633133338 can help passengers to obtain the necessary information


Last Update At : 08 July 2019