Department of Law


Department of Law covers:

Bachelor Degree:  

  1. Law

Master of Art:

  1. Private Law
  2. Criminal Law and Criminology
  3. Public Law


  1. Private Law


Dr. Farzaneh Hekmat Nezhad is the Head of Department of Law for Bechelor Degree 

Dr. Mohammad Reza Jalali is the head of Department of Law for Post Graduate Degree


Faculty members of this department are as follows:

  1. Dr. Seyed Farhad Bathaei

  2. Seyedeh Zahra Habili

  3. Dr. Katayoun Rahvari

  4. Dr. Hamid Reza Alikarami

  5. Dr. Vahid Ghasemi Ahd

  6. Hossein Ghanbari

  7. Dr. Seyed Vahid Lajevardi

  8. Mostafa Nasehi

  9. Mohammad Hossein Asiaban Taheri

Last Update At : 17 July 2019