Department of Mathematics, Statistics, Physics and Computer science


Department of Mathematics, Statistics, Physics and Computer sciences covers 5 fields of study including

Bachelor Degree:  

  1. Mathematics and applications
  2. Atomic Physics
  3. Solid State Physics
  4. Nuclear Physics
  5. Meteorology Physics
  6. Statistics and applications
  7. Computer Science

Master of Science:

  1. Applied Mathematics-Operational research
  2. Applied Mathematics-Numerical Analysis
  3. Applied Mathematics-Mathematics Education
  4. Social and Economic Statistics
  5. Nano-Physics

Dr. HeidariHead of this department is Dr. Gholamreza Heidari Jonaghani, PhD of mathematics.







Faculty members of this department are:

1- Dr. Gholamreza Heidari Jonaghani

2- Dr. Abolfazl Saeedifar

3- Dr. Majid Alavi

4-Dr . Hossein Sajadi

5- Dr. Ali Hadavand

6- Dr. Mohammad Izadikhah

7- Dr.Hossein Dibachi

8- Dr. Farshid Khojasteh

9-Dr. Parvaneh Mansouri

10- Dr. Majid Haghverdi

11- Dr. Hassan Feiz Abadi

12- Dr. Ali Mansouri

13- Dr. Hossein Abd Zadeh

14- Dr. Shahin Mobarak Abadi

15- Dr. Farnaz Maghazeii


Last Update At : 17 July 2019