Young Researchers and Elite Club

The club members are ed among the teenagers and young adults between the age of 15 to 40 whose talents are confirmed and in addition to having an educational background, they must have either scientific, technical and artistic innovations, or an official place on the valid festivals according to regulations of the membership. (Registering is possible by the website). Besides, on the very special terms and with the confirmation of the board of the trustees, the club can have honorary members or associated members too.



  •  Recognizing and inviting creative minds to join the club and Supporting them in actualizing their scientific and innovative ideas


  •  Improving the capability of the members in different aspects such as, cultural, educational and research fields


  •  Developing the spirit of team working among the club members


  •  Leading and strengthening their motivation and talents to serve their country and turning ideas into products


Conditions of membership in Talented Student Club

  • Students of the top ranked universities
  • Winners of the National Student Olympiads
  • Members of the knowledge based companies
  • Inventors and discoverers whose works have been commercialized.
  • Authors of the scientific featured books
  • Winners of the valid scientific-research festivals
  • Scientific paper holders whose works published in ISI and ISC journals
  • Winners of the first place in the international Holy Quran competitions
  • Holders of outstanding and invaluable cultural artistic and social issues